Sarna Technologies

IT Outsourcing to offshore

Sarna Technologies is situated in India and that enable us to develop quality applications at significantly lower cost in comparison with USA or Western Europe. We are very concerned about providing professional support to our customers right through the whole development process with significant cost-effective methods at the same time.

The list of offshore development advantages is quite obvious and compelling.

High Quality Products delivered Quickly

The software development culture in Ukraine is one of extraordinary diligence, professionalism and urgency. Our developers not only do a great job of producing code, but they do an incredible job of planning their work, meeting their milestones, and documenting every step in great detail. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing where your project stands and why. And it greatly eases knowledge transfer between our teams and yours.

Keep costs under control

IT recruiting in the rest of the world is extraordinarily expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. A severe shortage of qualified individuals, coupled with the job market dynamics of the Internet gold rush, makes it more difficult than ever to recruit and retain top technical talent. Avoid this costly cash drain by taking advantage of our plentiful, stable and reasonably priced resources in India.

Stay focused on core competencies

In this e-Technology era, many non-technical companies are becoming accidental software firms, often to the detriment of their core business and bottom line. Moving your software development offshore allows you to focus on your core business while Sarna Technologies worries about your technology.

Extends the reach of your IT resources

In an era where technologies are exploding and the knowledge required to complete projects is incredibly diverse, dedicated offshore teams provide immediate capability in products and technologies your own resources may lack. This allows you to embrace new technologies immediately while your team either comes up to speed or remains focused on existing mission-critical systems.