Sarna Technologies

We consider each engagement as a strategic relationship instead of an easy way to offload work. It is important to select the proper engagement model that is transparent and provides strong governance for all aspects of the relationship. We are flexible and versatile to offer well-tailored services keeping minutest details in view.

There is no universal model, which can be applied to every need. So, We come forward and propose a framework that can reap maximum benefit of outsourcing and provides a base for further relationship development. We can also customize any model to orient as per client specific goals. Following are the models we offer.

Fixed Time/Cost Model

  • Cost: Fixed Cost based on Milestones and duration.
  • Best When: Requirements are very clear, written deadlines, and clear budget.
  • Value: Project executed by seasoned team with regular monitoring to ensure quality of work.
  • Working: Deliverables and timelines are mutually agreed for a fixed price.
  • For: It is recommended for middle-size projects and gives maximum advantage of outsourcing.

Time Material Model

  • Cost: Hourly or monthly rates based on type of resource engaged.
  • Best When: Requirements are evolving with time and complete control over team is required.
  • Value: Access and control of managed resources with proper skills.
  • Working: Complete infrastructure and resources are put to best use as per client’s own requirements.
  • For: It is recommended for middle-size to large projects and need flexibility along with scalability.