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Velocity is a new generation, intelligent tool to download files from internet over HTTP and FTP. It is completely different in its working as compared to other available software. It transfers the data using only idle network bandwidth in an effort to preserve the users interactive experience with other network applications, such as Internet Explorer. It examines the network traffic, and uses only the idle portion of the network bandwidth. For example, if user is currently using 55 percent of the bandwidth for surfing, etc. then Velocity will only use the remaining 45 percent. While transfer, it completely manages the bandwidth depending upon the availability. If the network breakdown occurs or the user logs off then it stops the transfer and resume, when the network is available. As it supports concurrent multiple transfer, so the transfers can be prioritized according to the user requirements. Downloads with a higher priority are processed before jobs with a lower priority.

Supported Technologies

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000. .Net Framework 3.5.